Children's enthusiastic expressions of faith can help transform the church and everyone in it. To assist children in fully participating in their church communities and in exploring their own ministries, we provide imaginative, innovative resources for those who work with children. The Episcopal Church is serious in its call to love, shelter, protect, and defend children within its own community and in the world. The General Convention of the Episcopal Church adopted the Safe Church Resolution (B008) in 2003 to “Protect Children and Youth from Abuse.” The Safeguarding God's Children program was developed to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse in everyday life and ministry. By keeping our children safe we can empower them to grow, receiving and responding to God’s love.


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November 4, 2010
Lori and Tom Ferazzi were out of options. For years, they searched for the best educational opportunities for their son, Eric, who has Down syndrome, but every road was a dead end. Their journey eventually led home to their church, Good Shepherd in Friendswood, where the rector, the Rev. Jim Nelson, helped them found The Horizon School. Public schools try to accommodate children with special...
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September 7, 2010
St. James' Episcopal School third-year student Imani becomes very upset if she arrives to school late because she feels the tardiness will "interrupt her work," reports her mother Brook Davis. Entering her kindergarten year at St. James', a ministry of its namesake church in East Austin, Imani is among a truly diverse group of three- to five-year-old children who are blossoming...
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September 1, 2010
Shortly after passing the peace and starting the Prayer of Thanksgiving over the bread and wine, two-year-old Chris walked up to the child-size altar and said, "I want to help." I watched and waited as Chris picked up the paten (plate) with the bread and started breaking the bread into small pieces. He then took his place by the chalice bearer (person with the wine) and placed the bread...
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August 10, 2010
Lamenting to my spiritual director one day that my prayer practice lacked the discipline I would prefer -- after all, most of Sunday school teaching stems from modeling a deepening spirituality from the inside out -- she suggested I try a short prayer, a very short prayer, a simple prayer about noticing God's goodness and constancy. It goes like this: "Thank you, God." That's it...
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June 1, 2010
In metropolitan areas, many Episcopal churches struggle with building and maintaining a healthy Sunday school. For such churches, resources are few, space is scarce, and parents are unclear about what they want for their children. Most churches lack a corps of competent teachers, and some congregations are too small to offer the "critical mass" needed to recruit such a corps. I propose...