Asian American or "Asiamerican" describes both Asian immigrants in the United States as well as Asian Americans born in the United States – Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Southeast Asian (Vietnamese, Laotian, Hmong, Burmese), and South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan).

It also describes the relationship of Asians in the United States with the Asian Episcopalians and Asian Anglicans in the global Asian community. The office of Asian American Ministries offers resources on mission work, church revitalization, and racial justice – among and beyond Asian communities in the United States. It assists dioceses to start new Asian congregations and strengthen existing ones, and advocates for Asian empowerment at all levels of the church: among seminarians, women, youth, clergy, and lay leaders.


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February 7, 2013
The following are the opening comments from the Rev. Winfred Vergara, the Episcopal Church’s missioner for Asiamerica Ministries, at the Asia-America Theological Exchange Forum held Feb. 3-6 in the Philippines. In the 1960s and 1970s, there was a flurry of theological activities in Asia centered on the contextualization of theology. As many Asian countries struggled for nationalism,...
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July 26, 2012
  [Episcopal News Service] While imprisoned in four World War II internment camps in four years the Rev. Hiram Hisanori Kano led worship, ministered to and taught those around him, including his jailers, other internees, and German POWs. The Nebraska priest’s life and ministry are the stuff of legend, so much so that the state legislature adopted a resolution recognizing...
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July 5, 2012
  [Episcopal News Service – Indianapolis] Friends and colleagues remembered the Rev. Dr. Winston Wyman Ching as a trailblazer, a trusted friend, and a legendary mentor. Ching, who died suddenly July 3, had enjoyed a long and distinguished career as staff officer of the Episcopal Church Asiamerica Ministry, including developing the ministry in 1973 and coining the term “...
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March 6, 2012
Bishop Suffragan Diane Bruce of Los Angeles is blessed during a Native American ceremony at the New Community conference. Photo/Keith Yamamoto [Episcopal News Service] Stories of faith and personal witness animated the historic Feb. 29 – March 3 “New Community Gathering” in San Diego of about 300 Asian, Black, Latino and Native American clergy and laity from across the...
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January 17, 2012
A Consultation on Alternative Leadership and Theological Training was held January 11-14, 2012, in a suburb of Oklahoma City. This was the first ever churchwide gathering of Episcopal Church leaders involved in ethnic ministries for the purpose of identifying and discussing the common elements of ministry in ethnic communities. The four ethnic missioners of the Episcopal Church (Sarah Eagle Heart...